Currency Strength 28 Pro Free Indicator – MetaTrader 4

Hello everyone!  I had a member in the room share this free indicator with me a while back.  It’s a really neat one that I thought may help to benefit your trading experiences as well.

Please note that this is not an indicator created by Slick Trade, nor do we claim that we own it in any way.  It’s available free on the internet and we are happy to share with you all!

INDICATOR NAME – Currency Strength 28 Pro Free



This indicator allows you to analyze the hidden trends and correlations between the 8 most traded currencies via unique strength meter which creates multiple charts in a single window based on the price action of each currency in relation to all other currencies. The indicator also includes interactive panel where you can see the trends for all 28 pairs as well as the distance to the highest and the lowest price for the selected period. With this panel you can switch between currency pairs with one click.


  • Unique Currency Strength Meter which creates separate chart for each currency.
  • Interactive panel which shows information for all 28 pairs and allows you to switch between pairs with one click.
  • Additional buttons which allows you select currency pair by selecting separately the 2 currencies.
  • Graphical visualization on the chart in form of transparent “Candle” showing the Open, High, Low and Close for the selected period.
  • Many options and settings for customization of the indicator.


  • Main Settings
  • Number of Bars – sets the start time and the period. (This setting is not available in the free version!)
  • Prefix – if your broker is using special prefix in the names of the symbols you have to type it here.
  • Suffix – if your broker is using special suffix in the names of the symbols you have to type it here.
  • Currency Colors.
  • Line Width 1 – line width for the currencies which are not selected.
  • Line Width 2 – line width for the selected currencies.
  • Zero Level Width.
  • Zero Level Color.
  • Period Start Color.
  • Font Size.
  • Chart Auto Set – automatic chart configuration. Disable this setting if you want to change chart settings based on your preferences.
  • Candle Settings
  • Show Candle – true/false.
  • Candle Colors.
  • Panel Settings
  • Show Panel – true/false.
  • Panel Size Multiplier – determines the size of the panel.
  • Font Size Multiplier – determines the size of the font.
  • Panel X distance – horizontal distance.
  • Panel Y distance – vertical distance.
  • Panel Color Settings.

Note! This Free Version is limited and shows information only for the last 100 minutes! You can purchase the complete unlimited version from here.

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