The Various Forex VPS Plans and Features

Forex VPS is the key to getting the most out of the forex markets. As you already know, there is a lot you stand to gain when you access the market through a reliable forex VPS. But how do you know which forex VPS plan will be suitable for you? If you are not certain about an appropriate plan, then you have come to the right place.

Here are the various forex VPS plans available on, as well as all their respective features. You should be able to pick a suitable plan after going through the bunch.

Here they are:


This is the first and lowest forex VPS package you will find on our platform. And for the purpose of clarification – this package is not the lowest because it is unreliable. It just happens to be the lowest of all our plans. With this VPS package, you have unrestricted access to a 60GB VPS disk space, dedicated IP address, different data center locations, automatic backups, 24-hour all day technical support, and an MT4/MT5 default program. This package is supported by all brokers and compatible with any platform. It can be set up for you in just 5mins. You can have access to this forex VPS package with only $29.99 per month.


Basic Plus

As you may have suspected, basic plus forex VPS package is one step away from the lowest package. It has got everything you can find on the basic plan with some additional perks to go with. Having a VPS RAM of 2.5G, a disk space of 80G, and 2 CPUs, it is easy to see why this is the most popular forex VPS option. It equally comes with its own web control panel and a dedicated IP address. There is also the advantage of having their datacenters located in a number of places that might be of interest to you. The Basic Plus plan is compatible with all brokers and goes for a token of $34.99 for a month.


This is about the highest forex VPS plan available on our shelf. Let’s run through the features, and you would realize why this sounds like the most formidable forex VPS plan. One of the many amazing things about this plan is the 4G VPS RAM. If you combine that with its 2 CPU, we can be talking of super-fast processing of all your orders. Similar to the Basic Plus plan, this one also has 3 operating systems for you to choose from. A dedicated IP address and web control panel are equally not lacking here. The other perks include multiple datacenter locations, a 24 hour technical support, MT4/MT5 default programs, compatibility with all platforms and brokers. This plan will be yours for a $53.99 monthly subscription.


Looking for a reliable forex VPS plan on shouldn’t be too difficult. There are a number of plans you can choose from depending on your budget. From the Basic plan to the Standard plan, you can work with anyone you deem fit.

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