June 2016 – Another Successful Month For Slick Trade Academy Sapphire Members

The month of June 2016 was another successful one for Sapphire members of Slick Trade Academy.Forex Nadex Signals Strategies Successful Month

June 2016 Results

Davinci Nadex Results – 

90 ITM / 7 OTM = 92.78% win rate

FSG Forex Results –

+2,566 pips

ST Results – 

FOREX: +1,787 – over 5,850+ pips

NADEX: 26 ITM/ 4 OTM – 86.67% win rate

Low Risk Nadex Spread/OTM signals – 10 hit TP level/ 2 did not hit TP level – 83.33% win rate

Released in the June 2016 Expert Advisor Pack:

Also new releases and updates including:

  1. Release of new Set and Forget templates for the Foltron Expert Advisor
  2. Removal of MT4 licenses for use of expert advisors (no more logging in every time a chart is loaded!)
  3. Release of Cool Runnings Set and Forget Beta Expert Advisor
  4. Release of videos #4, #5 and #6 Foltron video series
  5. Release of the Sominex new features – Based on daily data feature
  6. Release of Cancel all orders on Friday at market close for the Foltron
  7. Release of Pure Price Action Series #1
  8. Updates to Template files
  9. Updated File Pack

So, what’s to come in July 2016?

Release of new Set and Forget templates for the Foltron Expert Advisor

Release of new Cool Runnings Inputs

Release of #7, #8 and #9 Foltron video series

Release of Pure Price Action Series #2, #3 and #4

New module additions

And as always… there will be more requests, updates and additions to continually improve the Slick Trade Academy foundation

Cheers to a successful year 2016!!!

See you all in the room 🙂

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