The Wick Hunter – Forex Expert Advisor Auto-Trader

EXPERT NAME – The Wick Hunter




The Wick Hunter Expert Advisor / Auto Trader for MT4

The newest addition to the Slick Trade stable of professional trading tools is The Wick Hunter.  This is a BETA release, so please It has flexible settings, just as our other EAs with some new additions.  This was not an easy EA to code, so please test this out in your demo accounts and report any findings from it.  There are different input options you will find for this EA – previous semafor painting, moving average, and ferrufx.  You can choose to have all of these line up for entry or select individually.

***Please note that if you have selected to use the ferrufx as a condition of entry, that you must attach the Wick Hunter EA and the FerruFX to the chart.

If you send results, errors, etc, please also send what settings/inputs you are using for this, along with the asset and timeframe used.

EA Mode:  You can choose Alert mode or Trading mode.  The difference of these two is if you want signals only to be sent via popup alert and email or if you want the EA to actually trade your account.

We hope you enjoy the latest addition and as always welcome your feedback regarding how you are using The Wick Hunter along with preferred settings you would like to share.

Most recent input settings sent to me from preferred settings for this EA:

Type Desciption Value
Choose EA Mode Alert
Magic Number 1998
Enter Price Per Pip – Lot Size 21
Pips – Add StopLoss 10
StopLoss in Pips 30
Candle Length 20
Candle retracement 20
Use Email alert T
Usepopupalert T
Activated Trailing Stop Feature T
Pips to start trailing 25
Info txmt Moving Average Setting
Moving Average Period 20
Moving Average Type simple
Moving Average Applied Price close price
Info breakeven Break Even Feature
Allow EA to use <Break even feature> F
Numberger of pips to move stop loss 10
Number of Pips to Stop Loss 2
Info Arrow Color – Setting Arrow Colors
Up Arrow Color Green
Down Arrow Color Red
Lines Setting Lines settings
Show Lines T
news 1 Settings News Trading
Avoid News T
Minute Stop Trading 15
Minute Start Trading 30
Avoid High News T
Avoind Medium News F
Avoild Low News F
Info news 2 News Setting
include speaks F
ReportAllForUSD F
news3 Select News Type
Info includehigh T
include medium F
include low T
Time Control Time Setting
Allow EA to use <time Control feature> F
Hour to stop trading 7
Minute to stop trading 0
Hour to stop trading 17
Minute to stop trading 0
Day Daily Day Filter
Use Day Control Feature F
Trade During Monday T
Trade During Tuesday T
Trade During Wednesday T
Trade During Thursday T
Trade During Friday T
Indicators Select Indicators
Use Moving Average T
Use Ferrux F
Use Semaphore T

To add the expert advisor to your MT4:

  1. Download the expert advisor – You can download HERE
  2. Extract the zip folder using any extractor, such as WinZip or 7zip
  3. Open your MT4
  4. Go to File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts
  5. Place the Slick Trade – The WickHunter.ex4 file in the Experts folder
  6. Place the files in the Include folder
  7. Place the files in the Library folder
  8. Place the indicators in the Indicators folder
  9. Place the templates in the Templates folder
  10. Refresh your MT4 or close and re-open
  11. Open a chart on any timeframe – H1 or H4 is preferred
  12. Right click and load the template Slick Trade – The Wick Hunter and Semaforce
  13. Right click > Expert Advisor > Properties
  14. Input the settings you wish to have for the Wick Hunter
  15. Leave your MT4 running and collect some pips!

***Note – make sure you have AutoTrading turned on and that the EA has a smiley face in the upper right hand corner!


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