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Hey there everyone!  The new versions of all Expert Advisors are now released in the member area.  CLICK HERE to access.

Modifications include the following:

  1. Advanced Trail Stop feature with Break Even – protect your account and profit
  2. Advanced News Feature – Option to not send signals or auto trade your account during news events – You pick which news events you do and do not want to be trading!  Low, medium and high impact news options. You can also see any upcoming news (low, medium and/or high) right on your MT4 chart
  3. Day Control Feature – Choose which days of the week to receive signals and/or auto trade
  4. Time Control Feature – Choose which times to receive signals and/or auto trade
  5. Max Daily Loss Balance – If you turn this feature on, the EA will automatically close your position if you reach your max daily loss amount

All of these features have been requests from members and we are happy to provide the updates!

These features will not only make your trading easier, it will also help to protect your account and profits that you make.



The Professor – This has been a long awaited addition to the room.  Powering the FSG signals, you can use this expert to send you signals via popup and/or email or to auto trade your account.  The Professor is meant for long term forex trades 1 to 3 week duration.



The P&A trades didn’t setup last week unfortunately, so I didn’t end up calling them via Twitter.  This is why I always highly suggest not to simply enter them without looking at the Poppin Picaso setup or waiting for my confirmation that I entered the trade(s) via Twitter.  For the upcoming week I will share my P&A but please be aware that there is heavy news throughout the week plus NFP on Friday.



Modules will be uploaded to the member area over the next couple weeks.  They are numbered in order to what I think is most important in the Slick Trade Academy.  I want you all to be successful, so laying things out very easy to follow should help your experience and success overall.  If you have any requests for modules (posts with simple videos to follow), please let me know and I will add them to the queue!


LIVE HANGOUT ON FRIDAY DECEMBER 4th around 10amEST – for NFP second entries 

This will be a very exciting hangout as we will be looking at the aftermath of NFP news release and I will be sharing the trades I will be entering.



We have a wonderful member that is struggling with MT4 on a Mac.  Are any of you using a Mac for the MT4 setups?  Please let us know so that we can help her out in the Fleep member area.  It would be much appreciated!


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