Updates and Prediction & Analysis for October 18 2015

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Hi there everyone!  I hope you all had a great week in the room.  I didn’t trade a whole lot but ended in some decent profits between Nadex and Forex.

We released the FSG forex signals last week and I know many of you loved them.  We are going to change them up just a little and switch to the H1 timeframe with the exception of EURUSD and EURCHF…we will keep those on 15 minute timeframes.  We also updated the FSG post so you can refer to it there.  We are missing out on some great moves by staying only at the 15 minute for the other pairs.  This will mean, less signals daily but higher profits and longer trades.  Please keep in mind that your stop loss will also be larger but use good risk management, take smaller lot sizes if your account can’t handle what you have been trading and you will be just fine 🙂


I am also considering doing some Google Hangouts again.  I haven’t done them in a good 8 months but let’s see how they go.  There will be no set schedule for these and they will be recorded.  I will post via Twitter when I have one along with the link.


My Prediction and Analysis using the Poppin Picaso is only for the GBPUSD this week

I see it going into a short position with take profits at:

TP1 – 1.54038

TP2 – 1.53560

TP3 – 1.53082


There won’t be a video for this week as I have been unbelievably busy with Ash, coding our newest Expert Advisor addition – John Caretta’s ice cream sandwich strategy the Sominex.

This is only the Beta version, so please demo only at first.  CLICK HERE for the EA v1.

Please read John’s explanation of the strategy below:


The Sominex

For the most part I put this strategy aside in favor of going to bed at a decent hour; however, but there was one takeaway from that effort that I that I have been doing well with, in fact it has been my best bread and butter FX trade of late.


I like it as it is pretty much a 1:1 risk – reward ratio and is usually good for 30 pips, often 40-50 pips. The level of risk lets me sleep at night and, even better, wake up in profit. Look at the 3:00 AM (Eastern) candle for the GBP/USD; no indicators needed and use 1 hour charts.


We are only interested in the HIGH and LOW of the candle after it has closed. Next, enter two pending orders – a BUY stop priced 12 pips above the 3:00 AM candle high and a SELL stop priced 5 pips below the 3:00 AM candle low.


I’ll typically set a 30 pip TP and SL. When the first order trips, delete the other pending order. I’ll pad the entries if the 3:00 AM candle is longer than 30 pips by about 5-10 pips. Although I try to only catch 30 pips, it often goes much higher (like this morning it could have earned over 60 pips). The only downside to this is I have to stay up until 3:30 AM EST to close the unused order – but it has been worth it (so far).


I hope you all have a great week and see you in the room!



From Kevin in the room!  How to trade the Sominex with Nadex OTMs and low risk spreads

Kevin/ 18 October 2015 14:37

Subject: For The Folks Who Want To Use LBO Strategy (ICS Strategy) on Nadex

Hello Everyone…. Long time ST member here but haven’t been in chats much. @KrystalComber just posted a new prediction and analysis. I love the Sominex EA you created @KrystalComber ! But this strategy isn’t new to me…. Its basically kinda still considered a London Breakout strategy. I’ve been using it for at least 5 months now. I started trading it because I knew it was a big move for the day (a lot of times 30-50 pips or more sometimes) and it works in my schedule but I lose some sleep over it tho. Before I started trading Forex, I traded OTM binaries with the strategy because I was tired of paying $50 risk or more on binaries. High Risk and Low Reward wasn’t working for me. I wanted Low Risk and High Reward. So if there anyone here that want to do it on Nadex…Below I explain how I do it on Nadex. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the overall trend on this pair too. I do mostly OTM trades on Nadex nowadays and do very well. I have also started use this with the nadex spreads in the last month or so and its working good too. As for the Nadex spread I grab a NTM Daily Spread and get in at same time I get in on Forex. Depending on how it trends will depend when I get out. But most of the time it is around 11am. As for the OTM Binary I lean more towards the overall Trend of GU pair. GU should breakout in the overall trend direction if it doesn’t then there is a good chance it is reversing trend direction. But I just go with the trend and buy a OTM at $15-20 risk and sometimes as low as $10 I will. The great thing about OTM binaries is this…. I can basically lose more than I win and still profit. Here’s why? Lets say we buy all OTM’s at $15. As long as I’m right 1 out of 7 trades….I profit. Its not much but its profit and I risk very little. The chances of being wrong 7 times in a row is rare but not impossible. I haven’t lost 7 times in a row let alone 3 so far. I choose a 11am OTM Binary with a $15-20 Risk for this trade. If someone wants to be conservative and be safe you set a WO for a Take Profit. Because sometimes GU doesn’t move exactly as planned but you can collect profit on a OTM even tho it might expire a Loser. Hope this helps you guys. Sorry I can’t be in the chats more often but I’m still working a full time job during the day (9-6) so it limits my trading time and chatting time. I’ll try to share with you more when I can. If anyone has questions and can’t get ahold of me here just pm on Facebook. Have a great trading week!


Kevin/ 18 October 2015 16:13

Subject: For The Folks Who Want To Use LBO Strategy (ICS Strategy) on Nadex

@KrystalComber This Sominex EA you created is similar to a MT4 script I’m using for News. You have more parameters. Is there a way you can change it so you can choose the time frame and what candle to go off of? Say for example 8:30am news comes out, I’d like to put pending orders in around 8:15-8:20am based on previous 15min candle low/high or maybe even pass 30min low/high.. Because this would work good for News trades if used properly.

***Answer to this – Yes Kevin, we will start working on this now for you all!***

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