Trend Analysis Concept – The Use of Moving Averages, MACD, Support & Resistance, and RSI for Solid Forex & Nadex Trading – Presented by Krystal Comber

Trend Analysis Concept on MT4 – Presented by Krystal Comber



The only indicators I use for this concept are the MACD, Heiken Ashi Candles and 3 MAs

I set the MACD to:

Fast length: 12

Slow length: 26

MACD length: 9

Average type: SIMPLE

Moving Averages are set to SIMPLE and are 7, 14 and 31

For added confirmation on the entry of your trade, think about adding the RSI into the mix – Click Here for more details


There are 4 rules to this concept

  1. Watch your chart on 15 minute timeframe
  2. You want to watch for the MACD lines to cross or weakening of the bars, showing the start of the trend reversal
  3. Watch for the 7 and 14 moving averages to cross
  4. Wait for the Heiken Ashi candle to be below the 7 moving average on a sell or above the 7 moving average on a buy position before entering the trade
  5. Watch video 2 for support and resistance added confirmation on entry to trades

Adding the RSI or Relative Strength Index, along with MACD can really help to ensure solid trades.  I have found that the combination of these two sets up some beautiful until expiry Nadex trades.

What you are looking for is the RSI line to break the 70 or 30.  This is displaying that the price has been overbought or oversold.  Upon re-entry, you want to watch the MACD and see if it is displaying the same trend direction.  If both the RSI and MACD are displaying the same trend direction, then you would place an order on Nadex to sell at the top of the candle that entered back into the RSI 70 line, or a buy at the bottom of the candle that reentered the RSI 30 line for a top of the hour trade.

Let me show you some examples:

trend analysis concept macd moving averages rsi forex nadex


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