Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on through!

4 star testimonial from Chamomile

This site is absolutely fantastic. Everyday I am finding new ways to grow my Forex account. There are umpteen highly profitable and low risk strategies to choose from. The best part is, if you don’t understand them for whatever reason, someone is available to assist you right away. Forex is a tough business and if you want to stay in the game, you have to learn from the best. That’s why Slicktrade is where you want to be.

5 star testimonial from Clarence Lowe

The SlickTrade community is the best. Everyone is like family and helps each other with learning and understanding every type of trade and strategy. The community is full of experienced trades that are willing to help others succeed at their trading goals. Every day in the trading room is a learning day. You just don’t get the help and knowledge in any other room. My trading is getting better everyday thanks to everyone in the room. The SlickTrading community just keeps getting better and giving every trading day. THANKS to EVERYONE

5 star testimonial from Richard

The SlickTrade community feels like being reunited with your old friends again – everyone is very helpful and genuinely cares about your success! Krystal has done an amazing job in creating the SlickTrade platform, adding in Expert Advisors on a monthly basis, and promoting and nurturing strategies from the community. I have personally learned a lot about profitable Forex trading in less than 2 months than what would’ve surely taken a lifetime! The continuous string of 5 stars are not a fluke, this is the right time and the right place to develop the skills and be taught the tools needed to succeed and profit in the world of forex! Thank you Krystal and the rest of the SlickTrade community!

5 star testimonial from Shehryar

Its great to be part of the fam of motivated supportive traders. We’re all trying to achieve the same thing at the end of the day to be more successful in our trading. From what I’ve experienced this is by far the best place to do that

5 star testimonial from Linda

I just got my membership and already know I will be staying with the slicktrade family

5 star testimonial from Derrick Row

I have to say that I really enjoy being part of Slick Trade! I feel that everyone’s participation is extremely helpful…and I hope a little bit of my feedback is also useful for some. The support is priceless

5 star testimonial from Andrew

I joined recently and I’m personally happy to find intelligent, caring, and genuinely helpful ppl here. plus, be sure to checkout all of the strategies (nadex, mt4) posted on the website and setup mt4 with the Expert Advisors and Indicators if you haven’t already! I’m new to forex trading and still a newbie but have gained a wealth of knowledge from the info presented on slicktrade’s website & YouTube videos!!

5 star testimonial from Shehryar Abbas

I have tried the afternoon delight and sushi roll strategies.  These are simple but yet very effective.  I can’t wait to see what the sapphire membership will do for my NADEX account.  Looking forward to it.  Thanks Slicktrade and Krystal.

5 star testimonial from Nathan

All I can say is , I am so thankful to have met Krystal and the team at SlickTrade … In the year and three months that I have struggled and studied to become a successful trader, I have never gained the confidence that it takes to trade every day with my live account … After demoing and seeing the results of the strategies and signals, I’ve been taught here, not having confidence, that I can, in fact, be a successful trader are a thing of the past … Thank you Krystal for such an outstanding service … I have been a part of many paid services but none have been as excellent as SlickTrade … If you want to finally get the results that you desire from trading , I can tell you only from allot of disappointing experiences , this is will be your final stop …

5 star testimonial from Jerry Tabor

Really I would like to give 6 stars but there are only 5 possible 🙂 . I was completely new to trading just 2 months ago and because of Slick Trade, I’m fully capable of placing my own profitable trades. Day trading has a huge learning curve and I soon realized after joining Slick Trade, both from the supportive and friendly staff and members, that I was in good hands. If your goal is becoming a successful trader, Slick Trade has no shortage of learning material and experience to get you on the right track!

5 star testimonial from Eli Robinson

Been with SlickTrades for a short while and already have made some great profits. Not only that, but made some great Trading friends in the process, where we all give each other trading strategies. Its like a trading profitable family where we all learn from each other. Kudos on a great community!!

5 star testimonial from Ohmar Mercey

I’ve been with Slick Trade for a month now and am very impressed! I highly recommend Slick Trade for everyone who wants to learn about trading in addition to receiving very high quality and consistently winning trade signals. Great group support in live chat and new things being added all the time. Krystal has created a well run group and is always looking for ways to make it better for everyone!

5 star testimonial from Nancy Mulduhn

Love the live trading room and live trade calls where Krystal, Bill and Hayden share their best trades they are taking themselves every day.

It really feels like Krystal and her team are in the trenches with us. They focus only on high probability winning strategies and trades, provide great hands on support and are always readily available to answer any questions. I really enjoy being part of this friendly, motivated community of traders and learning how to be an even more successful trader.

Also have to mention my favourite trading tool so far, the Slick Trade Rockin’ Renko strategy with Expert Advisor which has been a game changer for my trading.

If you’re a trader at any level and ready to make consistent profit then you need to join Slick Trade. Thank me later 🙂

Cheers Krystal!

5 star testimonial from Linda Stewart

This was so easy. Perfect strategies using a risk amount that even I could afford! The information is in terms that I can understand too. Wish I would have known about this information 10 years ago!


5 star testimonial from Bob

I’ve learned a lot since I became a member of Slicktrade. The group is friendly and helpful, and really know their stuff. A terrific value for the money! Well done Krystal!

5 star testimonial from John Carretta

SlickTrade is a truly unique signal service provider and educational platform. I have subscribed to several signal service providers in the past but I have never experienced what I am now experiencing with Slick Trade. Their focus is not only providing accurate winning signals but it is their commitment to customer service that puts them heads and shoulders above all other service providers. They answer you questions in real time so if you have a question about taking a signal or have a question as to the strategy of the signal, your questions are answered in realtime. Where else can you have instant access to the traders? The training is very easy to understand and is not bogged down with technical jargon. SlickTrade is where you want to be if you want accurate, winning signals, dedicated customer service, and an educational platform that will teach you have to take your own trades. I no longer subscribe to any other signal service provider. Thank you SlickTrade team! You are awesome, and a game changer!

5 star testimonial from Michelle Genovese

Such a group of honest and fun and incredibly knowledgeable people to be around you can make money trading

5 star testimonial from Denise McCleese

Great people great service never made money with nadex until now so glad I found slicktrade and folk’s they are pretty slick.I would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn the market and make point and click income once you learn to trade.The live trading is worth the monthly fee.

5 star testimonial from Ricky Beckham

I’m new to this trading community, but I can tell you that the folks here are top notch. They’re very careful, and they teach solid money management. I’m very glad to have found them, and I’m looking forward to prospering with them.

5 star testimonial from Bryce Henderson

$ Wonderful trading group, great chance to make money. Friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommend -)) $

5 star testimonial from Lukasz Sosnowski

Not the usual “investment opportunity” here. The professional guidance, detailed education, and interactive support are truly designed to help the average person build confidence in their daily trading. SlickTrade is in a class all by itself!

5 star testimonial from Trevor McDonald

I have been with Slicktrades for 2 months now.  When I first started, I was a newbie to both Nadex and Forex.  Now, I’m successfully trading both using the signals provided by the Slicktrades team.  The signals have been really accurate and they’ve helped me grow my live account at a steady pace.

But that’s not what makes this team special.  In addition to the signals provided, we are given multiple strategies that we can use on forex and nadex.  So we get to trade with the advice of experts while learning how to trade on our own.  I can’t believe how much I’ve already learned in 2 months.  I look forward to many more months of lessons and successful trades.

5 star testimonial from Victoria Wilson

Slicktrade is the best online trading group. You have a great website to learn trading with including the tools to set up your own workspace. The trade signals consistently are over 90% and Chris forex signals simply never lose which is unheard of. This is the place to be if you want to learn and make money at the same time. Couldn’t be happier to have learned so much here and have become a part of the trading team. Krystal leads an amazing group!

5 star testimonial from Bill Marra

Top notch win ratio here..and honest business ethics at it’s finest.. I give it the highest rating! Krystal has a winner here! Want to trade every day and see a profit? Get into this ASAP!

5 star testimonial from Lee Starks

Awesome website and opportunity to make money multiple ways…loving the affiliate program…I like the way Krystal makes everything easy to understand…good stuff!

5 star testimonial from Jeff White

My journey with SlickTrade has been absolutely amazing.  I cannot thank you enough for all that you do, Krystal.  You are so talented and unbelievably smart!  I started out with trading as an extra source of income, without knowing a single thing about it.  It has turned into a full time income!  Everything that you all do is so beneficial and it warms my heart to be a part of such true, honest leaders that display integrity and commitment on a daily basis.  From the bottom of my heart….Thank you…Thank YOU… THANK YOU!

5 star testimonial from Ethel Graines

I see your service is so good..I actually feel proud and confident to promote you! And I know a lot of traders and groups…asking for help…. 🙂

5 star testimonial from Lee Starks

Hi Krystal,

Congrats on the awesome job you’re doing with SlickTrade. The training videos are awesome, as the same goes for the different strategies, the tools, the support & advice and the live daily online trading room.

It really is the all-round complete trading package… and the current 90% win rate speaks for itself.

For anyone out there that’s still looking to make daily profits from trading on the Nadex platform – whether a newbie or an experienced trader – they need look no further. SlickTrade has it all!

Thanks for all you do!

5 star testimonial from Simon Johansson

Having been trading Binaries for close to six months and getting my fingers burnt on more then one occasion, meeting Krystal and Slicktrade has been a turning point on my trading.

Slicktrade cannot be more helpful even if they tried, answering any questions and going out of their way to help me.

The strategies are the best i have seen anywhere and if you follow Kristal and slicktrade on FB im sure you can see that with your own eyes.

The only way is up for all those associated with Slicktrade and im very happy to be one of those. I could not recommend highly enough 🙂


5 star testimonial from Perry

Slick Trade is:
Surely the best thing going. Great learning forum with very comprehensive, effective strategies and instructional material. Awesome signals and great member support. Great for the newbie trader and experienced alike. This is where you boost your trading knowledge and skills not to mention your finances IF you can follow instructions and learn patience… Average 89-94% win rate with the final three weeks of 2014 having a 100% winning streak… How can you lose with numbers like that??? Definitely worth checking out!!!

To Your Success,
Keith B

5 star testimonial from Keith B

I have personally known Krystal for over 2 years now and we have worked on a few Internet Marketing projects together.  Ultimately she cares about people and truly loves helping others succeed.

She has all the qualities of a great leader and that is, what I believe to be, the foundation of which is built upon.  I have 200% confidence in her and SlickTrade to provide the education/training and tools to help those who are interested, or who have already become Traders.

I’d highly recommend SlickTrade to those who are looking to make extra money from home, those who would like to “upgrade” your current skill set of trading, and for those who are looking to increase your overall gross revenue with trading.

Thank you Krystal!


5 star Testimonial from Kyle Riegle

As a independent Forex trader, I have already tried many different online resources.

This has been my first month with SlickTrade. This is only a short time, I know, but my opinion about this site is excellent. I am really impressed. Many great tools, excellent customer service (quick response to a lot of questions I had), a really active community, experienced traders that present and explain their systems using and combining the site’s tools.
The most important thing was that SlickTrade’s signals helped me to improve my winning trades ratio and to boast my profits.

In short, joining SlickTrade website was a great decision for me. I highly recommend them to every Forex and Binary options trader.


5 star testimonial from Tom T.

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