Superman and Flower Power Forex Trend Scalping Strategy from John

STRATEGY NAME – Superman and Flower Power


FOR USE ON – Forex



• SM_SupportRes
• SM_MACDCandles
• SM_Semafor
• SM_ArrowAlert
• SM_Arrow
• SM_MACrossAlert
• SM_HABars
• SM_Spread
• SM_Countdown

• Only trade in direction of last semafor, after semafor stops painting
• Wait for Super Arrow to appear in same direction as previous semafor
• Make sure candle is the same color as current arrow
• Make sure HABars are same color
• When all indicators are lined up vertically and all the same color then enter
trade at close of the current candle
• Set TP according to chart below
• Set SL 10 pips above or below the last major support/resistance level
Do not trade this strategy during high impact news.

Take profit amount:
M15 4.0 pips
M30 6.0 pips
H1 10.0 pips
H4 20.0 pips
D1 40.0 pips

If you are using a trading platform that uses the 5th decimal place to calculate pips, just remember to multiply by 10 when figuring TP or SL levels:
M15 40 pips
M30 60 pips
H1 100 pips
H4 200 pips
D1 400 pips





In the top left corner there is a list of timeframes that indicate the current status of
the MACD Cross on all other time frames. This is handy for extra verification that
the trend is strong or not.

An MA Cross arrow/alert has been added to use as extra verification for entry.
The take profit levels came from back testing EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF and
GBPUSD during the European/North American overlap. For 30 trading days. It
can be used at any time during the day, but these were the times and pairs with
the most volatility when I back tested. TP levels are fairly conservative, based on
back testing, and took into account a spread between 1.5 and 2.5 pips.
For longer trades: when initial TP is hit move SL to that point or break even, to
lock in profit and reduce risk, then trail stop until SL is hit or next semafor

It can be used on any time frame but it is suggested to use this strategy on M15
time frames and above. During testing SL was placed above or below the closest
s/r level or closest level in relation to the last semafor in the same direction. This
can be a bit high risk, but none of the trades hit SL during testing. If there is not a
recent enough s/r level you can use the fib tool or fib extension tool in MT4 to set
SL as well. Please use the SL levels, that you are comfortable with, and that suit
your risk management.

This strategy is intended to be used only on pairs that are trending. Do not trade
this strategy during periods of price consolidation, when price is ranging.
Demo testing was done over a period of three days between 8:00AM and
12:00PM EST. Four main charts were open in a grid format in MT4, (EURUSD,
USDJPY, GBPUSD and USDCHF) on the M15 chart. During demo, pairs were
checked right before each quarter hour on the 15min charts, and the same on the
H1, H4 and D1 time frames respectively, to look for signals. Signals where
checked again at the time interval and trades where taken after previous candle
closed and signal was verified according to rules.

It is suggested not to trade from arrows on doji candles, especially right after a
new semafor, even if all the signals line up. This could be a sign that the trend is
not done and you may see the semafor repaint and price continue in the same
direction for a while.

Oanda MT4 demo test for three days on H15 – D1 charts:
During testing most trades hit TP. On the ones that were closed early, the charts
verified that they would have hit TP if left alone.
39 Trades
39 ITM
370 Pips


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