Results of the “Afternoon Delight” – March 19 2015 – GBP/USD Nadex Daily Trading Strategy

Results of “Afternoon Delight” – GBP/USD Nadex Daily Trading Strategy – March 19, 2015

I recently introduced a great daily strategy that I came up with called the “Afternoon Delight”.  I have been watching this one closely and the results are as follows for yesterday.

At 1pmEST, the MACD crossed at 1.47302

The direction of the trend was changing to and upward movement, signaling a BUY on the Nadex platform at a strike at or below 1.47302.


GBP USD Afternoon Delight Daily Nadex Trading Strategy Slick Trade




I switched to the Nadex platform to see what strikes were available, and unfortunately the lowest strike was 1.4760 – too high for the rules of the strategy.

I still drew in my price level and sure enough, at 7pmEST the price ended at 1.47552.

GBP USD Afternoon Delight Daily Nadex Trading Strategy Slick Trade


Below is the previous post on how the strategy works

Enjoy and have a highly profitable day!




“Afternoon Delight” – GBP/USD Nadex Daily Trading Strategy – Presented by Krystal Comber

Here is a strategy that I have been testing for the past few months now.  It is extremely easy, similar to my “Sausage & Sushi” EUR/JPY Asian Session strategy.

There are 3 simple rules and one indicator

So, let’s get started!

GBPUSD Afternoon Delight

The only indicator I use for this strategy is the MACD

I set the MACD to:

Fast length: 12

Slow length: 26

MACD length: 9

Average type: SIMPLE

MACD settings




There are 3 rules to this strategy

  1. Watch your chart on 15 minute timeframe for the GBP/USD between 1pm – 4pm EST
  2. The MACD will most often start a reversal of trend direction during this time. You want to watch for the MACD lines to cross, showing the start of the trend reversal.
  3. When the cross occurs, enter a 7pmEST expiry on the Nadex platform




In the example below, you would have entered a 7pmEST Buy after the first 15 minute candle after 3pmEST

The trend was displaying a change from downward to upward movement, therefore initiating a Buy Trade

The bottom of the 3pmEST candle price was 1.48503, so you could have taken a strike price at or below that price

At 7pmEST, the closing price was 1.48876

It’s that easy and occurs like clockwork almost every day

This makes for a solid afternoon trade to add to your collection!

Example GBPUSD Daily Trading Strategy


Video Tutorial on “Afternoon Delight”



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