Results for October 2015 – New Additions have proven to be highly profitable! – Slick Trade Online Trading Academy

Hey everyone!  The month of October was a solid introduction to the new signals, Sominex auto-trader and strategies released in the Slick Trade Online Trading Academy.  I know that everyone that wrote me about the FOMC and NFP double entry strategy made some awesome pips.  I’d like to give a shout out to all of you for learning all of the new additions and really gaining some income.  A few of you asked about the Forex Source Group signals and please remember…these are long term trades.  You can enter them multiple times when they hit the hma and many times, you have hours to days to get into them 🙂


I will be adding live hangouts again this upcoming week.   There will be 1-3 each week and I will explain my thought process for trades issued.  I was going to reinstate them this week, but I simply did not have the time with working on what will be the newest addition for you all… the auto News Trader.


Let’s keep rockin it and helping each other grow together.  I love the atmosphere in the room and the ongoing willingness to help one another out.


I will be uploading my Prediction and Analysis video for the upcoming week this weekend for you all and will post to Twitter.  Cheers and have an amazing Halloween!


NS Results – 

168 ITM / 24 OTM – 87.50% win rate


FSG Results –

+1428 pips


ST Results – 

10/30/2015GBPUSD+90 - +134 pips
10/30/2015EURUSD+90 pips
10/29/2015Germany 30SL early -15/contract
10/23/2015GBPUSD+160 pips
10/22/2015USDCAD+55-75 pips
10/15/2015GBPAUD+85 pips
10/15/2015EURAUD+50 pips
10/14/2015AUDUSD+126 pips
10/13/2015GBPUSD+96 pips
10/7/2015EURUSDSL early -25/contract
10/7/2015EURUSDExpired ITM +25/contract
10/7/2015FTSESL early -30/contract
10/6/2015Germany 30SL early -25/contract
10/5/2015GBPUSDExpired ITM +30/contract
10/5/2015EURUSDExpired ITM +40/contract
10/1/2015EURUSD+123 pips
10/1/2015GBPUSDExpired ITM +20/contract
10/1/2015GBPUSD+61 pips
10/1/2015EURUSDExpired ITM +30/contract
10/1/2015GBPUSDExpired ITM +20/contract
10/1/2015USDJPY+73 pips

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