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Hello everyone!  A member made a request for available MetaTrader 4 volatility indicators in the room today.  I did some research on the matter and found multiple that could be very helpful to determine, recieve alerts, have multiple visuals, etc for asset volatility.

Please note that these are not indicators created by Slick Trade, nor do we claim that we own them in any way.  They are available free on the internet and we are happy to share good ones we find!

I will create a separate post for each of them and I hope they are a nice addition to your trading arsenals!


This indicator measures volatility in a multi-timeframe fashion aiming at identifying flat markets, volatility spikes and price movement cycles in the market. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ]

  • Trade when volatility is on your side
  • Identify short-term volatility and price spikes
  • Find volatility cycles at a glance
  • The indicator is non-repainting

The ingredients of the indicator are the following…

  • The green histogram is the current bar volatility
  • The blue line is the fast volatility value
  • The orange line is the slow volatility value
  • The red line is the higher timeframe volatility

…and have straightforward trading implications:

  • If the green histogram is above two lines, short-term volatility is extreme
  • If the blue line is above the orange line, volatility is generally high
  • If the orange line is above the red line, the market volatility is high
  • Zoom out the chart to see the volatility cycle reflected on the red line


The only functional parameters of the indicator are the following.

  • Fast ATR Period: ATR period for the current timeframe
  • Slow ATR Period: ATR period for higher timeframes


More Volatility Indicators for MetaTrader 4

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