Prediction & Analysis February 7, 2016 and Updates for Members

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Hey there everyone!  Last week was another solid one in the room.

Last week’s results from the P&A were:

GBPUSD hit all 3 TP levels

AUDUSD hit all 3 TP levels

EURUSD hit all 3 TP levels

USDCHF hit all 3 TP levels

Updates –

Due to popular demand and requests from our valued members, we are working diligently on an Expert Advisor and Auto Trader for the Follow the Trend Strategy, the name of this new EA will be called The Foltron.  The release date for this will be in February 2016 and I will post via Twitter and website post once it is released.

The long awaited low risk spread signals for indices is now perfected and will be released in February 2016 as well.


Prediction & Analysis for the upcoming week is as follows:

***As always…remember to move your SL as TPs are hit and even if TP3 is hit…continue to trail stop to achieve maximum profit potential***

GPBUSD – long/buy

TP1 – 1.452435

TP2 – 1.455977

TP3 – 1.459065

AUDUSD – long/buy

TP1 – 0.709231

TP2 – 0.711288

TP3 – 0.713281

EURUSD – long/buy initially then short/sell

TP1 – 1.117916

TP2 – 1.119582

TP3 – 1.121828

USDCHF – short/sell initially then long/buy

TP1 – 0.994525

TP2 – 0.996428

TP3 – 0.997812

See you next week and cheers my friends  🙂



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