Prediction & Analysis December 4, 2016 and Updates for Members

Hey there everyone! Last week was another solid one in the room!

Last week’s results from the P&A were:

GBPUSD hit all 3 TP levels for the long position and TP level 1 for the short position

AUDUSD hit all 3 TP levels

EURUSD hit TP levels 1 and 2

USDCHF hit TP levels 1 and 2

password is: slicktrade

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Prediction & Analysis for the upcoming week is as follows:

***As always…remember to move your SL as TPs are hit and even if TP3 is hit…continue to trail stop to achieve maximum profit potential***

GBPUSD – short/sell

TP1 – 1.269923

TP2 – 1.267200

TP3 – 1.264405

AUDUSD – long/buy

TP1 – 0.747120

TP2 – 0.749734

TP3 – 0.752425

EURUSD – long/buy

TP1 – 1.068632

TP2 – 1.073140

TP3 – 1.077905

USDCHF – short/sell

TP1 – 1.007564

TP2 – 1.004067

TP3 – 1.000380

See you Monday and cheers my friends 🙂


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