Prediction & Analysis April 24, 2016 and Updates for Members

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Hey there everyone!  Last week was another solid one in the room!

Last week’s results from the P&A were:

GBPUSD hit all 3 TP levels

AUDUSD hit both TP levels

EURUSD hit all 3 TP levels

USDCHF hit all 3 TP levels

Updates –

We have an updated Patriot, Rockin Renko and Poppin Picaso EAs that are currently being tested to account for the previous painting of the semafor due to member requests.  Release date for this is this week.

We have added input options for the Patriot, so that you may choose which indicators to rely upon for entry of trades.  There will be two separate Patriot EAs, so that you may alter inputs, or stick with the original.  Release date for these are this week.

We are updating the Poppin Picaso and Rockin Renko with an hma cross input option.  This means that alert and/or auto trade will trigger when the hull moving averages cross.  You can choose entry to be based solely on this condition, or you can add it to the existing strategy conditions to be met.

We are working on the addition of a new EA called Cool Runnings that will be a wonderful addition to Slick Trade.  This will be a Set and Forget EA with no user interaction needed.  So far the testing on this EA has resulted on some solid return on investment and steady growth.  We do not have a release date yet for this EA, but will be working hard to provide it as soon as possible.

We will be updating many areas of the Sapphire membership within the next two months:

Updated Low Risk Spread Signals – – COMPLETE

Updated Getting Started – – COMPLETE

New video options (so that Google + account will no longer be needed to see member videos) – COMPLETE

Updated video tutorials

Updated EAs with new features

Updated EA access area:

  1. No more logging into your EAs
  2. No license needed
  3. No expiration of the EAs each month with the need to download the updated versions (Only download updated EAs when we post that there have been modifications to them)
  4. You will simply provide the MT4 account number to support and we will register the account so that you can use all of our EAs

Prediction & Analysis for the upcoming week is as follows:

***As always…remember to move your SL as TPs are hit and even if TP3 is hit…continue to trail stop to achieve maximum profit potential***

GPBUSD – short/sell

TP1 – 1.438348

TP2 – 1.436945

TP3 – 1.43498

AUDUSD – short/sell

TP1 – 0.769593

TP2 – 0.768266

EURUSD – long/buy

TP1 – 1.124303

TP2 – 1.125633

TP3 – 1.12663

USDCHF – short/sell

TP1 – 0.976917

TP2 – 0.975766

TP3 – 0.974015

See you Monday and cheers my friends  🙂


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