Prediction & Analysis April 16, 2017 and Updates for Members

Happy Easter everyone! Last week was another solid one in the room!


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We would like to give a big thank you to all of you that have been filling out the Survey on how we are doing.  We have received a lot of great feedback and will be taking all of your comments/suggestions into consideration.  We have started compiling a list of those suggestions and will be working hard to revamp the site, layout, services, etc to accommodate all of you!  Obviously this will take time, so look forward to many changes/upgrades coming in the near future!

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Updates from Survey Suggestions:

Many of you have asked what EAs are the best for auto-trading and the best we have found without interaction is the Foltron set and forget templates labeled New in your File Pack.  We will cover more about them in detail, but we wanted to address the question since it has been asked multiple times from different members.

There was an updated File Pack released last week that includes fixes to the Push Notifications of all EAs.

We have continued to work on the layout of the website and how content is presented.  We have a good plan of attack to make things easier to follow and share with you Charlie’s recipe for success, which will include the strategies, EAs for signals, EAs for autotrading, timeframes, and more.  Hopefully this will help to give a good layout for those members that are new to trading, Slick Trade or those that have not found success with their trading yet.  The release date for this will be in April 2017.

The testing for additional spread signals for Nadex has been going well and we will be releasing demo signals for members to try out in the month of April 2017.  These will have the same instructions as the DAX spread signals and will be for assets Natural Gas and Gold.

We are also currently testing the Nadex ITM binary trades to try and improve the number of trades reaching their WOs for each month.

Charlie is currently working on a new price action series requested from multiple members in the room.  The projected release date for this is May 2017.

There will be more we will be looking at this upcoming month, but are taking the time to thoroughly address each suggestion sent.


Setup is from the Poppin’ Picaso strategy

Short/Sell vs Buy/Long – In the forex market, think of money as a commodity, you are buying a currency hoping that its value will increase, and if you are selling you are betting that it will decrease

TP Levels – A takeprofit order (T/P) is an order used by currency traders specifying the exact rate or number of pips from the current price point where to close out their current position for a profit. The rate deemed to be the level where the trader wants to take a profit is sometimes referred to as the “takeprofit point”.

What should my SL be?  This is something that you will need to decide on.  Just as I give you TP levels based on previous Support and Resistance, you will want to examine the screenshot or your charting platform and determine what SL you prefer based on those Support and Resistance levels.

Support & Resistance Levels – These are simply price levels or a range of prices that an asset doesn’t often go over (resistance) or go under (support).

Trail Stop Click the link to learn what a trailing stop is

Semafor – This indicator appears as a green or red dot or sun symbol

100 hma and 14 hma – The hma is the hull moving average indicator.  It is purple and turquoise for the 100 length and purple and green for the 14 length

200 sma – The sma refers to the Simple Moving Average with the length of 200. It appears white in the Poppin’ Picaso setup

Oscillator – The oscillator is the OsMa indicator in the second to lowest quadrant of the Poppin’ Picaso setup

RSI – The RSI appears in the lowest quadrant and refers to the Relative Strength Index

Last week’s results from the P&A were:

GBPUSD hit all 3 TP levels

AUDUSD hit all 3 TP levels

EURUSD hit all 3 TP levels

USDCHF hit all 3 TP levels

Prediction & Analysis for the upcoming week is as follows:

***As always…remember to move your SL as TPs are hit and even if TP3 is hit…continue to trail stop to achieve maximum profit potential***

We use the Poppin Picaso strategy for the weekly P&A.  Based on the indicators at week end and general price action, we use the previous support and resistance levels to determine TP levels.

GBPUSD – long/buy

TP1 – 1.254271

TP2 – 1.255836

TP3 – 1.257306

We ended the week with:

Semafor – sell sun, however price has already dropped down from that point

100 hma and 14 hma – price is below

200 sma – is not displaying a trend direction

Oscillator – flipped to the upside

RSI – is neutral

We are definitely getting mixed signals this week.  I think we may see a period of consolidation after the uptrend last week.  Overall I think price could move up more, but watch your positions closely

AUDUSD – short/sell

TP1 – 0.756113

TP2 – 0.754623

TP3 – 0.753085

We ended the week with:

Semafor – sell sun

100 hma and 14 hma – price is below

200 sma – neutral

Oscillator – flipped to the downside

RSI – exited and re-entered the 70 line

EURUSD – long/buy

TP1 – 1.062895

TP2 – 1.064704

TP3 – 1.066314

We ended the week with:

Semafor – sell sun

100 hma and 14 hma – price is below

200 sma – neutral

Oscillator – exhausted to the downside

RSI – neutral

Getting mixed signals and may experience a period of consolidation soon.  Watch your positions closely.

USDCHF – short/sell

TP1 – 1.003080

TP2 – 1.001584

TP3 – 0.999962

We ended the week with:

Semafor – buy sun

100 hma and 14 hma – price is above

200 sma – neutral

Oscillator – flipped to downside

RSI – neutral

Getting mixed signals and may experience a period of consolidation soon.  Watch your positions closely.

See you Monday and cheers my friends 🙂


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