Learn All about Trend Lines – Guest Article Shared by James Kosta

It’s always prudent to keep up with the latest investment trends. Even if you decide that it isn’t for you,

it’s good to know what is keeping other people so engaged.



Extremely popular these days is currency trading and new Forex brokers are popping up all over the

place. Since currencies are internationally traded, the Forex markets are open longer hours than the

equity markets and traders can place trades during non-traditional hours.

To make Forex trading profitable, it is essential to keep learning more and more about Forex trading

tools such as indicators and charts and how to use them properly.

There are many ways to keep abreast with Forex. Brokers offer tutorials to their account holders but

these are often lacking enough substance for experienced traders to consider them worthwhile.

Advanced courses are not so easy to find but there are some good independent schools that provide

complete courses that span the gamut from the basics to the more intricate Forex trading tools.

Moving along the lessons at FX Academy, anyone eager to advance his knowledge will find the material

in the 4th course to be extremely important. Upon completion of this course, traders should feel

confident in using various tools for understanding charts and other trading indicators.


5 Lessons in the Course

There are 5 lessons in this course and they all start out with an animated video that explains the lesson

in visual form. A quiz accompanies each lesson and additional reading suggestions are listed for those

who want to continue their erudition beyond the virtual course.

The best thing about this 4th of 9 courses offered free by FX Academy is the amount of useful

information it provides. The first lesson in this course reviews price levels and areas where trends tend

to start, pause, or reverse. Descriptions of price bands and the most useful charts are clear and easy to

follow. Single trend lines—up, down and flat-are reviewed in detail.

Forex channels are covered in detail in lesson 3 of the course and Bollinger Bands are meticulously

explained in lesson 5. Both these lessons are informative and interesting. Moving averages, which are

similar to simple trend lines and price channels are discussed in detail in a separate lesson. Another

lesson explains what the shape and angle of each channel can reveal about the price range and which

parallel trend lines surround a rising or a falling trend.

All this is useful information that may result in profitable trades in Forex trading and can help make

currency trading enjoyable.



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