Guest Blog Post – On Binary Options Commodities Stocks & Foreign Currencies

On Binary Options Commodities Stocks & Foreign Currencies


No matter what you choice of financial market is, whether you prefer stocks, currencies or binary options commodities, you must know by now that financial market are expanding, and they are expanding fast. Although you should consider using the wide range of financial instruments available over the Internet, you should limit yourself to that because it may be overwhelming, especially for beginners.  Nowadays virtually anyone can be a trader, you can even start trading with the less the money you would spend dinning out. This is because the Internet has given the trading industry a major boost by making a unified setting where the whole world can have access to foreign currencies, binary options commodities, all types of assets and industries.


The largest market place


Do you know what the largest market place is? The foreign exchange (Forex) market and to a great degree. This is because of what it offers. Since it is a global market, traders can exchange into every currency available, including some of the most important currencies on the market such as, the US dollar (USD), the English pound (GBP), the Euro (EUR), the Japanese yen (JPY), the Swiss franc (CHF), and the Australian dollar (AUD). Plus, traders can do it whenever they want because the Forex market is open 24/5, except on national holidays. This means that the market is open from 00:00 on Monday and until 00:00 on Saturday, GMT. However, news, views, trends and political decisions can also make great impacts on the market over the weekends.

One of the most significant benefits of stocks and binary options commodities is the big leverage it offers because this means that transactions will not be affected by the initial deposit, also traders can have great profit opportunities as well as proportional losses on a daily basis depending on the volatility level. Another benefit is that traders can exchange money when they want, with not specific time frames, however, fluctuations will interfere like in all trading forms.

One difference between stocks, foreign currencies and binary options commodities, is that stocks let states and public companies draw new investors, but investor can also sell their own securities as they wish. In the stocks ground, the liquidity ratio is significantly lower in comparison to Forex trading. Money will always call the shots in this business. The liquidity of a currency will always be at 100% because is very unlikely that, for instance, countries like Japan or Switzerland declare dead or invalid their currencies; however, companies can go into bankruptcy in the blink of an eye.

Another difference is that the stock exchange is only open during working hours. This means that, depending on the chosen country, traders are limited to a specific schedule to do their trading activities and subsequently they can speculate at different opening times, which is something that cannot be done at the forex ground. Nevertheless, high fluctuations are worthless in the stock exchange since things can drastically change overnight.


Choose your perfect market in the binary world


The binary options commodities also have a specific market and it is one of the most expanded trading markets. Communication is the key to achieve a profitable exchange. There are tons of items available on this market, remember that if you are a beginner a binary options guide would help you start. Many traders tend to favor rare, precious or base metals exchange; others prefer to focus on the labelled ‘soft products’ like coffee and sugar; other like trading seeds, grains and farm animal and even sources of energy, ranging from oil to gas.

You might not know that binary options commodities do not intervene in the transaction process. Actually, you buy and sell binary options commodities without analyzing them in detailed. This might sound obvious since when doing an online transaction; you cannot examine nor evaluate things perfectly. However, trades are always done under strict regulating terms and suppliers. Therefore, in this market, you invest in a particular type and class of commodity and you will only get a title to those commodities.

Keep in mind that, given its functional purpose, binary options commodities have hit the roof. Most of the transactions are fabricated, only 1% of them account for deliveries and because its high volatility, that binary options commodities are even more jeopardizing than stocks. For beginners this is a tricky market because the high number of speculative actions makes the whole process quite confusing, especially when making predictions, so it is advisable for beginner to be get help. If you are a beginner, make sure you do not risk a lot and choose binary options that you already know. When looking for a broker, choose one that meet your criteria not the other way around. He/she should be able to give you access to the assets you want to work with. Furthermore, the broker should be reliable, we advise you to read FTrade review as an example of good research about broker.

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