FOREX: When Having Ice Cream For Breakfast EVERY DAY Is A Good Idea! Forex Auto Trader and Strategy

FOREX: When Having Ice Cream For Breakfast EVERY DAY Is A Good Idea! by Linda Stewart


For me forex trading is the ultimate portable income strategy. It doesn’t matter where you are, all you need is a laptop and an Internet connection and you can access and capitalise on the largest global financial market in the world from the comfort of cream for breakfast slick trade online trading academy

So how would you like to spend just 5 minutes a day on a single, simple forex trading strategy that anyone can learn to generate an additional 150/wk, 600/month and more?

It may not sound like much – and I’m deliberately being conservative – but once you understand how this works you will learn that it’s entirely scaleable and you can elevate those numbers to an uncapped amount

In forex speak the amount you can generate per trade is dependent on the dollar amount per pip you have available to trade.

At $10 a pip this high probability trade could potentially net you $300 or more a day, 5 days a week. For just 5 minutes work.

However, I highly recommend that you start small in the beginning and limit your daily potential profit (and potential loss) to $30. It won’t be long before you increase your knowledge while understanding the power of leverage and how to scale your results.

I also recommend you open a free demo account with a reputable forex broker and practice this, and any new trading strategy you learn using demo dollars before you go live with real funds. At the very least you should back test this which means going back through the daily charts and checking out the results for yourself.

I learned the so-called Ice Cream Sandwich Strategy which takes advantage of the London Breakout, from John, one of my peers in the Slick Trade online trading community. It’s a simple daily strategy, perfect for any newbie trader and a great example of the benefits of hanging out with like-minded people who are wired for success.

Trade the Ice Cream Strategy While You Sleep With the New Sominex Auto Trader!
The Sominex is a custom Expert Advisor (EA) that allows you to auto-trade your forex account. Trade the Ice Cream Sandwich/London Breakout strategy without opening your eyes.

HOW MUCH MONEY DO I NEED TO START? John started with just $49 in his forex account and grew this to over $1000 in just a few weeks.

My personal recommendation is to open your brokers account with at least $500 which allows you more flexibility to grow your account and take advantage of other signals and strategies as you learn them.

HOW MUCH TIME DO I NEED? You don’t have to spend hours every day staring at your computer screen. This one strategy literally takes just 5 minutes of your time each day, 5 days a week. Nowadays I just set it up and forget it. I walk away and come back later in the day to check my results.

In the Slick Trade community John and I are part of, you’ll find a ton of value and there’s always something new to learn as you add to your portfolio of winning strategies. So you can spend as little or as much time as you like learning new strategies and consistently building your knowledge base and earning capacity.

CAN I LOSE MONEY? The short answer is yes you can.. and its extremely important you understand the risks. However you can also generate a lucrative income. The good thing is, your exact potential risk is known at the outset because you set up your trades that way.

Using the Ice Cream Strategy as an example, if you start small like I suggest above your risk to reward is 1:1. That means your potential risk is equal to your potential reward. In this case $30. You risk $30 to make another $30.

With proper money management and high probability strategies you can still be profitable despite the occasional losses.

HOW DO I GET STARTED? The trading community I’m part of is one of the many awesome features of the Slick Trade Academy run by my trading mentor Krystal Comber.

To find out more and learn a ton of high probability, profitable strategies and educate yourself with the essential knowledge and skills to create financial freedom through trading for yourself and your family join the supportive community at Slick Trade Academy.

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