Below are some FAQs that we receive regularly from potential members


Live Trading Room

Q: Can the Live Trading Room chats be sent via text message or email?

A: Yes, you can setup your notifications to send via text message, or push notifications from the twitter app  🙂


Q: How many trades do you take per day?

A: This varies depending upon market conditions, news, bank holidays and high volatility days.

Please CLICK HERE to view our Results Page to give you a better idea


Q: What is the risk per contract?

A: This varies depending on what type of trade it is.  There are ITM, OTM and ATM trades.  Majority of our trades are 70/30 Risk to Reward. Also, depending on what price the member gets in will result in different price risk.  Setting a WO (Working Order) ensures that members are getting into a trade at the strike price they want.  Each member should set their own risk management plan, which is taught in the academy.


Q: What time is the live trading room open?

A: 24/5





Q: What do I get with each membership?

A: We currently offer 2 different memberships:

Sapphire Membership: Includes – 17+ Strategies, expert advisors, video tutorials, trading journal, TOS setups, member learning area, private group and chats, live trading room for Nadex and Forex, Nadex Solutions and Forex Source Group Nadex and Forex signals 24/5.

Diamond Membership: Includes – Strategies, expert advisors, video tutorials, presentations, trading journal, TOS setups, member learning area – *** Does not include live trading room, support, private group and chats ***


Q: Do you offer a free trial?

A: Unfortunately, no.





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