The Sausage & Sushi Strategy Revised – EUR/JPY Asian Session Daily Strategy – Presented by Krystal Comber

The Sausage & Sushi Strategy

EUR/JPY Asian Session Daily


Here is a strategy that I have been testing for quite some time now.  It is extremely easy, similar to my “Afternoon Delight” GBP/USD Daily strategy.

There are 2 simple rules and no indicators

So, let’s get started!

EUR/JPY Nadex Daily Asian Session Trading Strategy

There are main rules to this strategy

  1. Watch your chart on 15 minute timeframe for the EUR/JPY between 6pm – 8pm EST
  2. Draw in Support & Resistance lines at the bodies of the candles


When the Support or Resistance lines are broken through, enter an 11pmEST expiry on the Nadex platform

NEVER trade this strategy during news


In the example above, you would have entered an 11pmEST Buy after the 15 minute candle at 8:15 broke through the Resistance line

You would have chosen a strike at or below 128.492

At 11pm you see that the price ended at 128.695

It’s that easy and occurs like clockwork almost every day

This makes for a solid evening trade to add to your collection!




I tested back 8 months on this strategy and there were anywhere from 1-15 times each month that the strategy did not setup

Please note*** News was not taken into affect when back testing***


Here are the results from 5/22/2014 – 8/23/2014

5/22/2014 – 6/22/2014: 20-2

6/23/2014 – 7/23/2014: 16-2

7/23/2014 – 8/23/2014: 13-2

8/23/2014 – 9/23/2014: 12-1

9/24/2014 – 10/24/2014: 7-0

10/25/2014 – 11/25/2014: 10-0

11/26/2014 – 12/26/2014: 8-1

12/27/2014 – 1/27/2015: 10-1


Video Presentation on the EUR/JPY Daily Asian Session Strategy – Presented by Krystal Comber



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