Pipsqueaks #12 Part 2: What do you do? – Day Trading

Well, I’m back from lunch. Yes, sure enough that subject came up again and yes, sure enough I got the familiar “look” from Bill. Well I suppose I can’t help being crazy, you know – you just have to be … Read More

Pipsqueaks #12 Part 1: What do you do? – Day Trading

The trouble with holidays is that they’re always too short; time never seems to move faster than when you’re enjoying a wonderful cruise. But end they must and end they do and it’s back to one’s normal routine, which includes … Read More

An Introduction To Forex Part 2 – More In-depth Terminology

  Forex Presentation Part #2   Types of Currency Pair Quotes There are 3 types of currency pair quotes. These include Direct, Indirect and Cross Currency Quotes.   Direct Currency Quote vs. Indirect Currency Quote A direct currency quote is … Read More

An Introduction To Forex – Part 1 – What is Forex – Basic Terminology

Forex Presentation Part #1   • A Brief Introduction To Forex Forex is known as the top place to trade currencies. Because of this, forex has become one of the largest liquid financial markets in the world. There is over … Read More

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