Trading The NASDAQ 100 – What Moves It & How Can I Trade It?

I was recently asked a few questions about trading the Nasdaq 100, so I figured I would create a post to help others with the same question. What Is the NASDAQ 100? The Nasdaq 100 is a modified market-capitalization weighted index.  … Read More

Nadex & Forex Trading Quick Reference Guide

BASIC TERMINOLOGY WO – Working Order – If there is a solid trade setup but the price isn’t the risk vs reward that you would like, then enter an acceptable price and place the WO.  If the price reaches that … Read More

EXCHANGE TRADING PLATFORM – Setup Your Nadex or IG Exchange Account

In the recent months, we have added Nadex and IG as our highest trusted platform of trading.  Although it is different from traditional forex and binary options brokers, we have made video tutorials to help you along the way.  Nadex … Read More