What are Binary Options?

Trading binary options is a really convenient way to trade currency, shares, indices and raw materials with controlled risk and profit that can be calculated in advance. This type of trading takes place only on online platforms (through brokers) which allow simple methods of deposit and withdrawal of your earnings. Trading binary options has become a real popular way of trading around the globe, because anyone can relatively easy learn how to trade and to get huge profit in a relatively short period of time. Anyone that has a computer (or even mobile device) and internet access can start trading binary options with minimal initial deposit.

In order to complete a successful trading, you must correctly predict in which direction the chart will start moving. Trading binary options is not complicated, because all you need to do in order to purchase options (complete the trade) can be done in few easy steps. First you need to select a trading asset (for example certain currency) and you will need to select the direction of the exchange graph (which can be high or low). You also need to select the expiry time of your options, enter the stake you want to invest in the trade and confirm the trade.

In case you have successfully predicted the direction of movement of the exchange chart you will get a refund which is sometimes 200% higher than your initial investment. If the chart goes in the opposite direction, then you have lost the trade and your complete investment will be lost. These situations make trading binary options very similar to sports bets odds of around 1.8, but this trading is based on reading the exchange chart instead of watching a sports match.

There are many different trading systems, and the easiest way to learn how to trade binary options in the right way is to learn how to read the charts. In order to read exchange charts you need to have basic knowledge of certain indicators that can help you predict the direction in which the chart will move in the right way.

In case you didn’t know binary options are traded around the world but they are extremely popular in Europe. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you cannot trade binary options in America. There are some really popular places where trading binary options in America takes place – Chicago Board of Trade for example is offering this type of trading. Those who are interested in this type of trading should be members of the exchange or investors.

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