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INDICATOR NAME – ATR Volatility Alerts


Hello everyone!  A member made a request for available MetaTrader 4 volatility indicators in the room today.  I did some research on the matter and found multiple that could be very helpful to determine, recieve alerts, have multiple visuals, etc for asset volatility.

Please note that these are not indicators created by Slick Trade, nor do we claim that we own them in any way.  They are available free on the internet and we are happy to share good ones we find!

I will create a separate post for each of them and I hope they are a nice addition to your trading arsenals!


ATR Volatility plots the ATR-based volatility, and triggers alerts when it crosses user-defined upper and lower thresholds (purple and tan lines, please see screenshots). Circles are painted when ATR volatility crosses either above the upper threshold, or below the lower threshold.


Email, message, and sound alerts can be turned on/off for the following events. Please note that email recipient and SMTP information should be specified in MetaTrader 4/options before using email alerts.

  • ATR volatility is crossing above user-selectable upper threshold (purple circles; should adjust according to your currency pair)
  • ATR volatility is crossing below user-selectable lower threshold is above user-selectable sell threshold (tan circles; should adjust according to your currency pair)


  • ATR Period (Default=20): # bars for calculation
  • Upper ATR alerts threshold: Upper ATR threshold for visualization/alerts (purple line)
  • Lower ATR alerts threshold: Lower ATR threshold for visualization/alerts (tan line)
  • Allow alerts?: If false, prevents all alerts
  • Alert when volatility above upper threshold: If true, alerts when ATR volatility crosses above upper threshold
  • Alert when volatility below lower threshold: If true, alerts when ATR volatility crosses below lower threshold
  • Turn on alerts message: Message box alert
  • Turn on alerts sound: Sound alert
  • Turn on alerts email: Email alert

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