Afternoon Delight – GBP USD Nadex Daily Trading Strategy – Presented by Krystal Comber

“Afternoon Delight” – GBP/USD Nadex Daily Trading Strategy – Presented by Krystal Comber

Here is a strategy that I have been testing for the past few months now.  It is extremely easy, similar to my “Sausage & Sushi” EUR/JPY Asian Session strategy.

There are 3 simple rules and one indicator

So, let’s get started!

GBPUSD Afternoon Delight

The only indicator I use for this strategy is the MACD

I set the MACD to:

Fast length: 12

Slow length: 26

MACD length: 9

Average type: SIMPLE

MACD settings




There are 3 rules to this strategy

  1. Watch your chart on 15 minute timeframe for the GBP/USD between 1pm – 4pm EST
  2. The MACD will most often start a reversal of trend direction during this time. You want to watch for the MACD lines to cross, showing the start of the trend reversal.
  3. When the cross occurs, enter a 7pmEST expiry on the Nadex platform




In the example below, you would have entered a 7pmEST Buy after the first 15 minute candle after 3pmEST

The trend was displaying a change from downward to upward movement, therefore initiating a Buy Trade

The bottom of the 3pmEST candle price was 1.48503, so you could have taken a strike price at or below that price

At 7pmEST, the closing price was 1.48876

It’s that easy and occurs like clockwork almost every day

This makes for a solid afternoon trade to add to your collection!

Example GBPUSD Daily Trading Strategy


Video Tutorial on “Afternoon Delight”

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