Krystal Comber - CEOCEO – Krystal Comber

After a major car wreck in 2007, Krystal Comber suffered major bodily injuries along with a traumatic brain injury and didn’t think she would ever function in society again.  She spent a year in recovery, re-learning how to walk, talk and simply be a functioning member of society again.  With a strong determination, she was able to get back into college, earn her degree, get a job as the Graphic and Web Designer of WD Web Co & Design, start her first business Krykle LLC and be successful in everything she did.  She then started a journey in online businesses, affiliate marketing and stocks.  After much success, she knew that there was nothing that could stop her. The only problem was that with the affiliate marketing business, she was making money but others were not.  This was extremely frustrating, and she decided to drop the business all together.

She was then introduced to online trading.  This is where everything changed for her. She spent months learning the ropes of trading online.  Every bit of free and paid information she could get, she did.  When learning that offshore brokers were being sketchy with price manipulation, issues with receiving payout and lag time for entry, it was time to switch over to Nadex.  In the mean time she began creating SlickTrade, because she saw so many services that were not truly helping others learn how to be successful at trading different financial assets.

Krystal had a vision to create a community of online traders, where everyone involved could make an income.  She spent months perfecting her first strategies and creating the foundation of SlickTrade. Her ambition to create a business where individuals could make an income in the trading industry whether new or experienced, has created an entirely new way to create financial freedom.

Krystal enjoys dancing, drumming, reading, spending time with her family, being artistic, and writing.



Natie Comber - CEO Assistant & Marketing Director with SlickTradeCEO Assistant & Marketing Director – Natie Comber

Natie Comber is Krystal’s assistant in making company related decisions, keeping up on the legalities and financial aspect of things and making sure that members are setup correctly in the SlickTrade academy.

Natie enjoys spending time with her family, being creative with arts and crafts projects, writing, enhancing her knowledge in a wide array of topics, and directing shows in venues across Michigan.





Hayden_Ellis_SlickTrade_Nadex_Trading ExpertNadex & Forex Trading Expert – Hayden Ellis

I have always had a love for trading. After leaving college I landed an IT consulting job and was assigned to a financial prop trading firm based in NY. After several years of dedicated service, I ventured out and started my own IT Technology firm. Fueled with the knowledge from the financial industry, I started digging deeper into how the finical market and firms move their money.

My innate ability to use technology to advance my learning curve and analyses market data has allowed to me expand my knowledge and understanding of the financial market. I started trading NADEX about 4 months ago where I found it extremely easy to manage risk and grow my account. Taking what I learnt from my work experience and from online traders such as Martin Cole and others, I started developing profitable strategies to aid me in my quest for financial freedom.

When I am not trying to unravel the secrets of the market, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and hanging out with friends.



Bill Marra Nadex Trading Expert for Slick Trade

Nadex & Forex Trading Expert – Bill Marra

Bill is one of SlickTrade’s newest traders. He has always been interested in the market and learning about the world of online trading. After coming off a successful career at Nordstrom as one of the company’s 10 Regional Managers for the Restaurant Division, Bill has immersed himself in learning as much as he can about the various markets and strategies needed to become successful in the trading world. Bill has been trading stocks for years and has always been a student of the markets.

He has always had a gift for numbers and his strong communication and leadership skills have taken his interest in trading to new heights. Since taking online trading courses, including Steve Mauro’s Market Maker Training, Bill has elevated his skills and since learned how to master different markets including Nadex through his thirst for knowledge and ability to grasp concepts quickly.

Bill is an avid sports fan and loves all things hockey. He works with American Rescue Dog and fosters dogs in need of homes which is a joy to have the time to do. He also likes to ski, day trips to Atlantic City and anything involved with being on vacation.