5 Things You Must Overcome in Trading to Prevent Losses!

Stock trading holds a valuable position in the world economy as well as people worldwide. In these markets, several factors contribute mutually to decide the stock prices including geopolitical issues, price volatility, economic growth, currency moves, government policies and also demand and supply. Basically, the stock trading is subject to crashes and rallies. Therefore, it often remains susceptible to multiple speculations.

So, if you want to start trading in stock market, make sure to first be a master in 5 important things to prevent losses. There are so many things about which you have to be aware of. Like, future contracts come at a certain expiry periods. In this article, we will introduce 5 certain things that you should follow and be an expert in if you want to prevent losses in trading. These 5 things will help you maximise your profits and will narrow down the risk of losses.

Retaining Stop Loss –

Trading in stocks or commodity futures always holds some certain risks because it is affected by multiple factors. Therefore, it is highly recommended to safeguard your positions yourself. Selling and buying usually comprise of some losses at some level and hence, it is important to follow some hedging strategies before start trading. Mostly, it is seen that a majority of traders give in trading just because they experience huge losses and that because usually they don’t maintain a stop loss strategy in their planning for trading. So, by retaining a stop loss strategy will surely help narrowing down your losses and would increase profits in trading.

Expanding Your Capital –Expanding Your Capital

When you start trading, you should be clear about the amount of risk that you can bear in advance. Knowing your own strength to handle risk on your investment is the most important factor to prevent losses in trading. In addition, do not invest the entire money or available capital in one or single commodity. But, allocate your capital in multiple assets as it will help if something goes wrong in that trading can easily be terminated. Additionally, in case you encounter a sudden crisis, the best strategy is to act patiently until you find a clarity about that. Generally, at this situation, most of the traders get nervous and thus, execute a wrong decision. And in trading, a wrong investment or trading decision can actually prove a disaster for you.


Play Slowly – Haste May Prove Wrong –

Trading is a game of patience and understanding. Therefore, acting with haste can make things worse for you. Moreover, it is also a notable fact that traders who have less experience often run to engage profits on their trading strategies at their first instance; however, it is equally important to consider your losing strategies for finding out losses. So, it is vital for traders not to end up their winning trades so quickly. But, keep trailing the actual market price by regularly revising their stop losses as well as make the highest possible profits in these trades. The success strategy here is imbalance and fear may lead you to take unfair investment or trading decision; therefore, just try to avoid them.

Market Attention Is A Must –Market Attention Is A Must

Every renowned trader follows a particular system that he creates on his own. This system helps them growing their profits and minimises the potential losses. To create this system, the expert traders use their years of experience in the market and give utmost attention to the market over the time. So, by giving attention to stock and commodity markets, you can also be an expert trader and can learn techniques like experience traders. Just remember that by avoiding some certain investment and trading mistakes, you can prevent losses, but by planning before trading is similarly important as it helps growing gains. Any uncertain movement in commodity or stock price would certainly not be a right exit or entry point for trading.

Be Fully Prepared Before Jumping Into Trading –

If you are a new trader in stock or commodity market, we suggest you start with some small capital initially. Don’t follow market speculations and rumours and don’t think of investing whole money you have in your hands hoping of making quick money from it. Try to be familiar with various trends and market conditions prior to start trading because if you have become a knowledgeable trader, you can make money and earn profits even in any market situation. A thorough knowledge of various global events which have a relation to commodity price fluctuations is worth your attention as they help to take a right decision about trading. So, keep following global news and keep a sharp eye on commodity and stock market.

Besides these guidelines, you should also learn the value of application of technical and basic analysis as it helps to spot more trading opportunities. Taking part in various events and seminars and learning from other traders and their mistakes will surely help you discovering various pitfalls and you can easily avoid the same in trading.

Conclusion –

These are top 5 things that you should be mastered in to prevent losses in trading. In addition to these 5 things, it is also crucial to make a good control on your emotions because anxiety, over-greed, fear and over-stress are those common attributes that often lead a human being to take a wrong decision and in the trading wrong decision means huge losses that may ruin your future as well.





Author Bio:


Jake Smith is professionally a marketing manager and blogger by hobby. Currently he is associated with Team Intrexium, which help individuals to choose the right business platform such as Fortunity Alliance Network. He has five years of experience in Forex Trading. Jake loves to share his knowledge  and experience with others on the web.

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